Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amusing Ourselves to Death Chapter 4

In chapter 4 of Postman's book "Amusing Ourselves to Death", Postman has several different quotes that really were interesting and neat. Probably the most interesting quote is the one were he stated that power that the newspapers and other printed media had was because of its position as a monopoly. Nothing else was really able to compete against newspapers because it was the most easily obtained source of media and news events. Eventually, TV news and the internet started to compete against newspapers and it fell from grace.
I really enjoyed this chapter the most out all of the other four. It felt it was relevant to me today and that shows that he did a good job writing something that can always be useful, regardless of the day in age. Newspapers have indeed taken a major hit the past 60 years to do technology and easier access to the media. He points out where newspapers weaknesses were and how those weaknesses led to its downfall. I was never confused about the reading either. He didn't make any statements or claims that I couldn't understand, so I found that to be a good thing as well.

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